Kinna was a bit of an impulse buy. I saw this sad little creature in an advert someone on a forum had posted with a "wish it was nearer, feel sorry for it" sort of comment, and I stupidly had to take a look. This is the picture from her advert
She looked so sad, when I realised she was in Tonneins, only about 75kms away, I just had to go and take a look. She was scared but at the same time curious and not at all bothered by the SNO so I arranged to take her home.
I got my Percheron breeder friend to collect her in his little lorry, she went in fine and travelled quietly, although I suspect that was mainly due to being terrified by the speed he was driving at,  I know I was! And when she got here, Sky was happy to have a friend.......
So we have had her from the age of six months and  Ali has got on board when she was a four year old, she had come a long way from the skinny little scrap she was!

We were hoping she'd fill out a bit more, her mother wasn't too tiny:

 but we have no idea about her sire, or her breeding.....and her colour? Snowcap, apparently, which means she is homozygous for the Lepoard gene. 

When we moved back to the UK, Kinna stayed behind in France with some friends, but after we lost Gandalf, we arranged to have her brought over and she is now back in the herd with Sky.

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